• Today's WOD - 03/06

    Morning FRIDAY classes 9:00 & 10:00 only. Normal lunch and afternoon/evening classes.

    Open Workout 15.2

    Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

    From 0:00-3:00

    2 rounds of:

    • 10 overhead squats 95/65#
    • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

    From 3:00-6:00

    2 rounds of:

    • 12 overhead squats
    • 12 chest-to-barpull-ups

    From 6:00-9:00

    2 rounds of:

    • 14 overhead squats
    • 14 chest-to-barpull-ups

    Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds


  • Today's WOD - 03/05


     AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

    • 10 Hand-release push ups
    • 15 KB Swings 53/35#
    • 30 double unders

    Core - 3 max effort plank holds


  • Today's WOD - 03/04

    Part I - ALT. EMOM for 8 minutes:

    • 20 seconds accumulative L-sits
    • 12 Front Squats on the even

    Part II - For time: 21,18, 15, 12, and 9 reps:

    • Calories on rower
    • Push presses

    **15 min cap**


  • Today's WOD - 03/03


    AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

    • 5 HSPU
    • 10 alternating pistols
    • 15 pull ups


  • Today's WOD - 03/02

    Part I - Overhead Squats. 20 minutes to find 5RM

    Part II - AMRAP in 6 minutes of:

    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 SDHP 75/55

  • Today's WOD - 02/28

    4 rounds for time of:

    • 15 KB Swings 70#/53#
    • 15 Box Jump Overs. 24"/20"
    • 15 C2B Pull Ups
    • 15 Ring Dips

  • Today's WOD - 02/27

    Workout 15.1

    • 9-minute AMRAP:
    • 15 toes-to-bars
    • 10 deadlifts
    • 5 snatches (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)

    Workout 15.1a

    • 1-rep-max clean and jerk

    6-minute time cap




    CrossFit Open Athletes!!!!

    There's been questions about whether we're going to run more than one heat per class on Friday. Some of you are planning on pairing up with a friend to judge/count for each other. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee two heats because we don't know the length of the Open workouts beforehand. If the workout is short, then we will consider running two heats. Just in case, make sure to have someone to count for you!

    We will be running several heats on SUNDAY from 11am to 1pm. Once the workouts are announced, we will be posting here the link so you can sign up. Just remember that you WILL need a JUDGE as well.
    This information has now been added to the FAQ HERE.

  • Today's WOD - 02/26

    Skill - Pull Ups

    WOD - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, & 10 rep rounds for time of:

    • Squat cleans. 95/65
    • Lateral burpees over the barbell

  • Meet Tau Hamilton - Why I Am Doing The Open This Year


    Name: Tau Hamilton
    Age: 33
    Occupation: System Security Specialist
    Family: Catherine (wife) Khailin (son ) Harlem (dog)
    WODs per week: 6

    1. How many years have you been CrossFitting? 2yrs, closing the gap on 3!

    2. How many years have you done the Open? 3rd year coming up

    3. Why did you choose to compete in the Open? It just made sense; I have fun pushing my fitness to the limit all year! The Open brings it full circle.

    4. Were you able to do all the workouts? Yes.

    5. What is your favorite part about the Open? Competing with the world. Crossfit is the first sport that truly gives power to the people. You do the WODs, submit your scores, and you could not only punch your ticket to Carson, but you could win and be Champion of the WORLD! I think that’s really cool.

    6. Are you doing to compete again this year?

    7. Anything else you want to mention? My best memory of the open happened during my first Open WOD. The WOD was power snatches and burpees, the snatches increased each round while the burpees decreased. The first round at 75# was easy; the second round at 135# had me nervous. My previous max power snatch was 135#; I got 18 reps at 135#! Maggie looked at me and said, “That’s your max right?” I said, “NOT ANYMORE!”

  • Today's WOD - 02/25

    For time:

    Row 4K for time.

    Get off rower every 1000M and do 1 round of 'DT':

    • 12 Deadlifts 155#/100#
    • 9 Hang Power Cleans
    • 6 Push Jerks

    Time cap is 35 minutes.

    Post time to comments.

  • Meet Heather Adler - Why I Am Doing The Open This Year


    Name: Heather Adler
    Age: 43
    Occupation: Mother of 4 boys, L1 CrossFit Trainer
    Family: Husband (Greg), 4 boys: Noah (16), Jonah (14), Jake (12), Jude (8)
    Affiliate: CrossFit Fairfax
    WODs per week: 4

    1. How many years have you been doing CrossFit? 4.5+ years

    2. How many years have you done the Open? 3 years

    3. Why did you choose to compete in the Open? I compete in the Open because it is an integral part of the CrossFit Community. It makes me a better athlete and it makes me WANT to BE an even better athlete and community member. Its so much fun to anxiously wait the night before to find out what the WOD will be - and then to participate in the chatter and strategy around doing it. It creates such a fun atmosphere at the box - its exciting. It also allows you to have a new appreciation for the effort, intensity and strength of the Games level athletes.

    4. Were you able to do all the workouts? Yes. Eventually I always hit a ceiling of some sort (muscle-ups), but you still do your best with what you know you can accomplish. One year (3 years ago) I didn't know I was suffering from allergic asthma. And I literally couldn't breathe. But I was hellbent on not forfeiting, so I bargained with Julie and Craig F to "let me" throw a wall ball once a minute. My score for that WOD was 12. I could have thrown the ball once and I would have still been "in" the Open - however, I still wanted MORE than just one rep! And as measly as that 12 rep score was, it was still a win for me. I stayed in the Open AND I still gave it the most I was capable of giving it (without a steroid, rescue inhaler and albuterol). ;)

    5. What is your favorite part about the Open? Hands down the energy! Everyone wants EVERYONE to do their best. And the PRs that happen in the Open, I think are my favorite. Magic can happen during the Open WODs- I've seen it. My husband Greg couldn't power snatch 135# (I think) - and that weight was part of a snatch ladder. Robbie Dickerson coached Greg during that WOD (was held in Reston) and Greg got 6 snatches. It was incredible. It was a much of a win for Robbie as it was for Greg… Robbie knew it was a PR weight for Greg, but used the right cues and had such terrific energy that Greg got those snatches.

    6. Are you doing to compete again this year? You better believe it. I wasn't able to participate last year because of major surgery and complications from that surgery. I'm sad to say I don't even remember the Open last year. I do, though, remember the feeling of rehabbing at the box, with an orange band that was looped around the PVC pipe down the center of the weights. I was just trying to externally rotate each arm with light resistance and could hardly do it. I stood there looking around the box, and felt so overwhelmed at all I could do before, but couldn't possibly imagine doing while I was standing there. I promised myself I would do it all again. ALL of it. And then more, no matter how long it took. So you better believe I'm going to compete in the Open.

    7. My comments -  The Open is so fun. Its a great opportunity for athletes to feel what its like to have reps counted, and to push themselves because of it and the athletes around them. I'm always amazed at the PRs and the scores that people turn out during the open (myself included!). Funny what a little adrenaline, a LOT of box support and a competitive spirit can do for you. For me? It was 6 cleans at 95# when I'd never cleaned it once before in my life. It was at CrossFit Reston -and it was because about 20 people in that box rooted me on to do it. I think I did it more for them than for me.

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