Sidonie McCray

When I was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 I had just entered the Army and was desperately looking for something other than a treadmill to workout and stay fit. Having shed almost 40lbs to get into the Army, I had accomplished a lot on a treadmill, but by no means was entertained! The moment I picked up a barbell and jumped on a pull up bar however, I knew I could NEVER be bored in this sport. I was hooked!!!

Having come from being very unfit, I understand what it takes to truly start at the bottom and work up..slowly! I decided to get my CrossFit L1 in 2016 to help people along that same journey! What I love most about this sport is that nothing is given to you without blood, sweat and tears. Everything you work towards takes time, patience and perseverance but when that goal is achieved there’s NOTHING better! Then it’s time to tackle the next goal!