Sam Woodhead

  • CF-L2

  • CrossFit Kids

  • U.S. Army Unit Fitness Trainer

I came to CrossFit on my 38th birthday after finding myself having a hard time keeping up with my young children. I had no athletic background, but loved that every workout and every movement was scalable to any individual’s ability. My primary goal is just to be the healthiest version of myself so that I can maintain an active lifestyle for as long as possible and I truly feel that CrossFit is the best way to achieve this. As a professional musician, I have always enjoyed teaching and finding that one cue that will help someone unlock a new skill. I feel that my experience of coming to CrossFit as a complete novice helps me relate to people who are in a similar situation and that through learning from my fellow coaches at CrossFit Reston, I have gained insights that help me with advanced athletes as well. As a father, I also really enjoy working with our Teens and helping them learn how to make fitness a part of their lives.