Saif Rehman

Saif Rehman

Jeff - in my free time I climb rock/ice and participate in mt bike/adventure races. I've kind of hit a wall with them so 5 months ago I joined CrossFit.

Ice climbing season came around. The first time out (back in Jan), I quickly ascended a 140ft wall of ice. I wasn't even tired, and my rhythm was so smooth even my friends were shocked. The whole first day out I continued to climb strong and climb routes I previously was unable to. Mind you, I had been away from climbing ice for a whole season, so I didn’t have a chance to practice technique. However, my balance was right on, and my technique was significantly improved (subconscious muscle memory?). As if that wasn’t enough, I climbed for four days, and every morning I woke up fresh (no soreness/tightness) and ready to attack the ice.

Now, the weather is warming up, and the ice is melting. I went to climb rock recently. I haven’t climbed rock since last September, so understandably I was just planning on getting the cobwebs out and climbing easy. I have to say, yet again I impressed myself and my brothers. It was the same story as climbing ice. I was climbing harder routers, and my pace was steady up difficult sections. Without doing anything other than CrossFit, I have increased the level of rock I can climb by two grades. That’s significant!
For what it’s worth, I just wanted to say I drank the juice, and I’m a believer. The system you have going at your gym is amazing. I haven’t been in this good a shape in almost 5 or 6 years when I was training in MMA. Somehow, in workout that last 15-20 minutes, you’ve managed to help me get back to where I was (and possibly better). I have no doubt that as soon as I get back on my mountain bike, or start running races again, I’ll yet again be impressed with my improved ability to race harder. To you and your staff, keep up the great work!

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