Our Team

Reston Coaches

Maggie Tincher
Owner/Head Coach

Coaching is my passion. Helping my athletes achieve their goals is what motivates every day. There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that I have influenced people to...

Mike Rothgeb
Head Coach/Reston

The constant challenges have given me physical and mental strength that I find useful inside and outside of the gym. The best part of being a trainer is watching clients grow and doing things that they never thought possible

Sarah Mills
Head Coach/Reston

I found a competitive outlet, a results-focused fitness program, and camaraderie with the community of athletes in CrossFit. I have a distinct...

Dave Olson

Crossfit has become the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and I like to think I am living proof that you are never too old to begin living a healthy life. Because of the benefits I have received from Crossfit, I am...

Gretchen Kittelberger
Head Coach/Reston

I have been an athlete all my life. Growing up in Rochester, NY I competed nationally in gymnastics all the way through high school, eventually earning a college scholarship to compete in the sport for the University of Maryland.

Christy Adkins

You don't have to compete in CrossFit to experience the positive effects, just showing up and putting in your best effort daily in class will change you. A favorite...

Kim Holway

Coaching is an opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned. It’s exciting to teach classes and assist CrossFitters of all ages with accomplishing things they never thought possible.

Mark Tippett
Coach/Teens Coach/Reston

One item that inspires me as a coach is seeing someone finally grasp and execute a movement. Watching that light come on for an athlete, followed by that HUGE smile and gained confidence makes my day!

Jordan Furh

Helping athletes, especially those new to CrossFit, improve and recognize their accomplishments is my favorite part about coaching.

Thomas Scates

After leading the Marine Corps’ World Famous Body Bearers as the Platoon Sergeant for four years, I was pleased to find an intense, disciplined workout community at CrossFit. It quickly became my second home. I have a passion for...

Harry Kim

Although I enjoy working with all athletes, the ones I enjoy working with most are those athletes who come in the door not knowing the difference between a snatch and a clean and jerk or never believe that they...

Brad Chilva

I enjoy the tight knit community CrossFit offers with people always willing to help. I want to learn more about CrossFit and coaching to make myself a better athlete and coach.

Fairfax Coaches

Jeff Tincher
Owner/Head Coach

I am passionate about CrossFit, and I love sharing my knowledge of CrossFit. It is changing and improving my clients lives that is not only my biggest motivation but my greatest reward

Julie Furneisen
Head Coach/Fairfax

CrossFit changes your entire outlook on life. Every new challenge you face is just an opportunity to add a new Bitch to your list, and your goal is to cross one off

Craig Furneisen
Head Coach/Fairfax

CrossFit has not only helped me excel in my job as Fairfax County Firefighter but also in everyday life. Done correctly though all exercises are safe and enjoy the coaching aspect helping to ensure the clients accomplish this

Chris Reichert

The greatest part about training is meeting and interacting with clients on Day 1; then fostering their development and progress over time as they become stronger and more confident.

Kids/Teens Coaches

Julie Helm
Kids Coach/Boot Camp Coach/Fairfax
Katie Gualtieri
Kids Coach/Fairfax

Getting kids to put down their video games to be active and moving is my greatest motivation as a coach. Seeing their smiling faces when they accomplish a new skill, I know I am helping....