MaddY Eagen

  • CF-L1/CrossFit Kids

  • Certified CrossFit Judge 2017 – 2018

  • CPR / AED / First-Aid

Growing up as a competitive dancer, I became extremely fascinated with how the body moves in various positions and with different movements. I’ve taken this passion into CrossFit with analyzing and fine-tuning the components of my lifts and gymnastics skills to further my fitness. I was lucky to find this great sport alongside my Mom and Dad, inside this gym. I fell in love with the motivating and inspiring atmosphere in the CrossFit community in 2013, just before diving deep into my final two years of my undergraduate career. At Longwood University, I was a Major/Concentration in Special Education. I knew I wanted to take my classroom experiences and love for kids beyond the school walls to also coach the amazing fitness of CrossFit.

I began working with the CrossFit Teens program in the Summer of 2015, shadowing under the great leadership of Mark Tippett. I moved several months later to begin my fieldwork in Special Education as a K-1 teacher, where I also coached group CrossFit classes. I returned in 2017 to continue with my graduate studies at George Mason University – completing the course sequence for a Master’s in Special Education and Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. I was blessed with the opportunity to continue working with CrossFit Teens - who are a bit bigger now and even more awesome! I love seeing the process of how they acquire new skills, their determination and persistence to apply them in workouts, and their enthusiasm to continue learning.