Keith Maddock

  • CF-L2

I've always been athletic and competitive to some degree. I began lifting at the typical "globo gym" as soon as I got my license. During high school I was a rower and learned what it really meant to be a part of a team and to have that “mental grit” to push and succeed. During college, I attempted to keep up with athletics but fell to the college lifestyle.

After college I was looking for something to jumpstart my fitness again. I went back to the typical gym routine, but it wasn't enough. I was first introduced to CrossFit around 2008 when a friend suggested I come by for a “simple” workout at his “box”. 10 minutes of pullups, push ups, and squats, how difficult could it be? “Half Cindy” later I was lying on the ground drenched in sweat and barely able to breathe. Exhausted. I had sipped the "Kool-Aid" and wanted more but, it wasn’t until 2012 that I would step back into a Crossfit box. In 2012, a few friends suggested we checkout "that CrossFit place" around the corner for a drop in. That's when I found CrossFit Reston. After that class, I joined immediately and haven't looked back. I'm in the best shape of my life, I'm constantly surprising myself with what the body is able to do, and I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being a part of the community.As a coach, I looks forward to helping individuals achieve their goals and aspirations, and helping them reach what they once thought was the impossible. That look on an athlete's face when they achieve what they thought was once unattainable makes it all worth it.