Katie Gualtieri - Kids

Katie Gualtieri
  • CrossFit Fairfax Trainer

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

Certifications/Coaching Experience:
  • CrossFit Level1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

  • Strength Specific Seminar – Snatch and Clean & Jerk

  • Developmental and age group swim coach (3 years)

  • SOCA Hot Shots Entry Level Youth Soccer Program coach (2 years)

Competition Experience:
  • 13 years of competitive swimming in Potomac Valley Swimming/USA Swimming, Northern Virginia Swim League, and Virginia High School League

  • 6 years of competitive gymnastics in USA Gymnastics

When I found CrossFit in August 2011, I was in an exercise rut. For my whole life, my workouts had been written for me. But when I left competitive swimming after high school, I was suddenly on my own to keep myself in shape. With a background in gymnastics and swimming, I knew my way around a pool and bodyweight movements, but felt completely lost in a gym. I turned to running because it was easy and accessible. And I got bored, fast. I missed the community and motivation of working out with teammates, and the structure and eye of expert and caring coaches.

CrossFit Fairfax instantly filled that void. It has been a constant positive challenge and growth experience that has fundamentally changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition – so much so that I wanted to share that experience with others through coaching. Working with the CFFX Kids Program, I have the opportunity to influence the future of the sport. Getting kids to put down their video games to be active and moving is my greatest motivation as a coach. Seeing their smiling faces when they accomplish a new skill, I know I am helping to instill a passion for health and fitness that will stay with them throughout their lives.