Julie Furneisen

  • CrossFit Fairfax Operations Manager

  • CF- L2

Julie found a passion for weightlifting and aerobics at age 14 when she discovered, "Body Shaping by Cory Everson". The former Ms. Olympia, showed Julie that women can be strong, fit, and beautiful. After taking every fitness class at the community college and working as a personal trainer at a large Globo gym, life threw some curve balls and she was out of the industry for many years. In May of 2007, Julie's sister-in-law finally convinced her to try CrossFit, and she was hooked. The strength, confidence and abilities she has obtained through CrossFit gave her the confidence, at age 34, to become a Fire Fighter. "CrossFit changes your entire outlook on life. Every new challenge you face is just an opportunity to add a new Bitch to your list, and your goal is to cross one off".