At CrossFit Reston & CrossFit Fairfax we thrive to create a fit and healthy community through fitness training and nutrition. Becoming a member is easy!

STEP ONE - If you are new to CrossFit, your first step in getting started is setting up a free trial class. During the FREE trial, we’ll go through a regular class with the other members of our gym. One of our coaches will be there beside you the entire time to guide you through the class as you get used to how things work — class flow, the movements, and how you can make CrossFit fit your goals from class to class. At the same time, you won’t miss out on what it’s like to be working out alongside everyone else (which is really the good part of CrossFit).

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STEP TWO - After trying out a class, the next step is to sign up for our one-one-one Foundations Program. This program will introduce you to some of our basic and fundamental movements as well as skills that will be needed to safely perform our workouts. You will learn the movements at your own pace. You will also learn about scaling workouts, working on mechanics and how to slowly increase intensity. Our Foundations Program includes a private session and your first month of UNLIMITED membership. The cost is $235. For couples that reside together the cost is $360.

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If you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained in another affiliate (box) for at least 3 months, you can join our gym at any time! You are more than welcome to try out a couple of classes to make sure we are the right fit. Please contact us for more information.

For further information on this program or if you have any questions please contact us at 571-449-7059