Harry Kim

Harry Kim

When I found CrossFit, I almost didn't walk in the door, because everything about it intimidated me. I didn't think I was strong enough, tough enough or fit enough to even try CrossFit. Fortunately, I got out of my own way and decided to jump in and it completely changed my life. For the first couple months, I had to scale almost all of the workouts, but my commitment to getting to the gym everyday and altering my nutrition gave me fast gains in strength, stamina, endurance as well as huge improvements in how I felt, my health, wellness and body composition.

It was through the exceptional coaching of Maggie, Jeff and the other trainers at CrossFit Reston which allowed me to grow in leaps and bounds as an athlete. I knew that I wanted to contribute to others in the same way, which is why I took the Level 1 Certificate course and asked to become a trainer.

Although I enjoy working with all athletes, the ones I enjoy working with most are those athletes who come in the door not knowing the difference between a snatch and a clean and jerk or never believe that they could ever get a pull up. I was in their shoes not too long ago, and I know firsthand what may come easy to one athlete can be a huge success to another. It is this opportunity that I have as a coach that gives me the desire to continue to improve myself and contribute to others.