Maggie Tincher

Owner/Head Coach
Coaching is my passion. Helping my athletes achieve their goals is what motivates every day. There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that I have influenced people to...

Jeff Tincher

Owner/Head Coach
I am passionate about CrossFit, and I love sharing my knowledge of CrossFit. It is changing and improving my clients lives that is not only my biggest motivation but my greatest reward

Team Member 3

Introducing team members adds personality, character and credibility to your business. Team member descriptions typically run between 20 and 55 words. These descriptions can include information like: Where is he/she from? How long have they worked in your industry? What does she/he specialize in? Where did she/he go to school?

Julie Furneisen

Head Coach/Fairfax
CrossFit changes your entire outlook on life. Every new challenge you face is just an opportunity to add a new Bitch to your list, and your goal is to cross one off