Dave Olson

  • CF-L2

 I have always had a passion for competition, especially when it involved physical activity. At an early age I played pick-up football and basketball with my friends in the neighborhood and later went on to join the wrestling team in middle school. I was thin and lanky and won most of my wrestling competitions out of sheer will and determination rather than strength and technique. I basically out-lasted my opponent. I stayed active as a young adult, but soon found other things to distract me from regimented physical activity.

 After college, kids and a career that kept me busy, I had gotten away from anything resembling fitness. I had gained a lot of weight; gotten myself to a point where I was not sleeping well and the stress of everyday life began taking a serious toll on me. It eventually led to a breakdown in early 2007 when I was diagnosed with anxiety and major depressive disorder. I spent time in the hospital and was put on medication. I also attended an outpatient program where I learned new coping mechanisms. One recommendation was to begin a diet and exercise program.

 So I hired a trainer at a local gym, met with a nutritionist and began taking time to work on me. It wasn’t long before I started seeing results. A job change in late 2007 required a gym change to keep the momentum going. I walked into a Globo gym near my office and hired a trainer – who happened to teach the CrossFit method. I was a bit uncertain about CrossFit until I saw, for the first time, my coach and trainer doing Fran. The intensity and determination I saw as she pushed through to complete each set was incredibly inspiring and reminded me of my wrestling days. I was hooked from that point on.

 In 2008, I started CrossFit in earnest and have never looked back. At a little over the half century mark in age, I am in the best shape of my life: I have more energy, continue to increase my strength, sleep better and most importantly, I am able to cope with the stresses of the day. I often tell people that I CrossFit as much for the mental benefits as I do for the physical benefits. CrossFit has become the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and I like to think I am living proof that you are never too old to begin living a healthy life. Today, I can’t imagine my life without it. I have been completely weened off all medication and I'm told by my doctors that I am a poster child for how a diet and exercise program is the best medication for anxiety and depression. So CrossFit has become the medicine I gladly take everyday.

 Because of the benefits I have received from CrossFit, I am driven to pay-it-forward and help others realize their fitness goals or maintain a fit mind and body. The coaching and training I do are the best part of my day/week. I feel lucky to have found CrossFit when I did and I feel honored to be part of this incredible community of athletes.