Craig Furneisen

  • CF- L2

Like the majority of people everywhere, I was pretty happy with my current training methods and thought I was in good physical condition. Then one day my good friend JeffT found a new program called CrossFit and everything changed! J.T. and Maggie began training together and started CrossFit Fairfax. Over the course of the next year and quite a few phone calls later a certain comment from Maggie finally got me into the gym in January 2007,where she put me through 20 minutes of pure torture...... I was hooked!Over the next few months I became increasingly more involved in training and before I knew it I was headed for a cert and became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer in November 2007. CrossFit has not only helped me excel in my job as Fairfax County Firefighter but also in everyday life. I have CrossFit to thank for helping to recover from not only a broken left foot in July 2007 but a torn ACL, on the same leg, two months later. Through CrossFit I am now stronger and faster than before these injuries even though the so called doctors and experts said not to keep doing the workouts. Done correctly though all exercises are safe and enjoy the coaching aspect helping to ensure the clients accomplish this.