Boot Camp

Delivering kick-ass results!!!

Boot Camp is an outdoor 'boot camp' style program designed just for women. Our classes are cardio-intensive focused on longer workouts programmed to get you fit and get your metabolism burning faster.

Our Boot camp welcomes women of all ages and levels of fitness, and provides a total-body workout that combines core strengthening, resistance training, agility drills, sports conditioning and yoga. We use the same training methodology as CrossFit but without the heavy lifting or technical barbell lifts. Training is primarily body-weight, although we will be using a few dumbbells and kettlebells to make it fun!

Already doing CrossFit but want the extra cardio? This program is for you! Classes last one hour and include warm up, workout and cool down. This is also the perfect program for ladies that are intrigued by Crossfit, like the intensity, but are intimidated by the heavy lifts.

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