Skill - Rope climbs.
If you have rope climbs use this time to practice handstand walking or handstand holds
EMOM(10) :20 holds (or walking practice) / :40 seconds rest

WOD - For time:
50/40 Calorie Row, 1 rope climb
40/30 Calorie Row, 2 rope climbs
30/20 Calorie Row, 3 rope climbs
20/10 Calorie Row, 4 rope climbs

Scale for RC is 1:1 assisted RC

Post WOD - Shoulder Health. Use 60% of 1RM Shoulder Press. Do 2 Cumulative Minutes of static OH Head. Drop when needed but keep the clock running. Note how much time it takes you to achieve
the 2 minutes of the Static OH Press.
Compare to:11/15/18