Strength - Barbell Front Rack Step Ups 4x8.
1 round every 4 minutes

Slower down than up tempo
Working leg can remain on top of box until set is completed
Other leg doesn’t touch the box until hips and working leg’s knee has reached extension
The target should be set just above the height of the athlete's knee cap

WOD - 4RFT of:

  • 15 (10) T2B
  • 5 KB Shoulder Presses Right Arm
  • 5 KB Shoulder Presses Left Arm
  • 50 DU’s (30sec practice or attempts)

KB - 53#/35# (22/18#) - use DB if needed

Sub for T2B is strict knee raises

Core - 2x5 Jefferson Curls with a KB. Use light KB.