Skill - Handstands. If you can kick up against the wall, then have do an EMOM(10) of either 20-30 seconds hand stand walking practice or 20-30 second handstand holds.

WOD - With a 17 minute running clock:
Minute 1: max pull ups, C2B Pull Ups, or BMU's
Minute 2: rest
Minute 3: max ring dips OR hand release push ups
Minute 4: rest
Minute 5: max pistols or air squats
Minute 6: rest
repeat 2 more time through.

SCORING (for each rep):
BMUs 4 points, C2B Pull Up 2 points, pull up is 1 point
Ring Dips 2 points, push up 1 point
Pistols 2 points, Air Squat is 1 point