Part I - Pause Back Squats. 5x3. 1 round every 3 minutes.
Compare to: 6/9/17

Part II - AMRAP( 10):
- 200M run
- Athlete’s choice : 5 Ring Muscle Ups or 8 Bar Muscle Ups or 10 C2B Pull Ups or 15 Pull Ups

<3 months do 10 pull ups or ring rows

* each run is worth 5 points. each ring muscle up is worth 10 points. each bar muscle up is worth 5 points. each C2B pull up is worth 3 points. Each pull up or ring row is worth 1 point. add the points up at the end for the athlete's score. whatever pulling exercise the athlete starts with, they must continue with that one for the duration of the AMRAP.