Alex Gowers

  • CCFT/CF-L3

  • CF Kids Trainer (2017)

  • CF Flexibility Certificate (2018)

  • CF Spot the Flaw (1)

  • CF Scaling Certificate (1)

  • American Red Cross CPR/ AED

  • CrossFit Games Judge (2018)

  • Monkey Method Intensive Camp (Power Monkey, 2017)

Fitness became an important part of my life once I started wrestling as an early teen and dabbled in boxing and jiu-jitsu along the way. To succeed, I needed to be strong, fast, and have great conditioning. A decade later, after finishing my wrestling career at George Mason University, I needed a new way to push my fitness the same way my sport had. It didn’t take long for me to find CrossFit and start following along.

In March 2015, I dropped into a box for the first time while visiting family. I immediately knew that I’d found a fitness program that let me train like an athlete and a community made up of the most supportive people in the world. Having coached wrestling for several years at that point, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I attended an L1 seminar and got to work. And here we are!

Since then, I’ve strived to inspire & support others any way imaginable. Coaching has let me do that as a trainer, mentor, and friend to the young, the old, the new, and the experienced. I feel the benefits of CrossFit extend far beyond increased fitness and into making people better versions of themselves. I recommend it for everyone.