Chris Pittman



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility

Competition Experience:

  • 2013 Fight for Food, Crossfit West Chester
  • 2013 CFR Spring Games
  • 2013 CFNA winter challenge
  • 2012 CrossFit 061 Thanksgiving Bash
  • 2012 Capital Affiliate League

I have been very competitive all of my life since the age of 5 until present day, playing sports such as basketball, football and baseball. So when I was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2011, I became obsessed with it because it agrees with my competitive nature. CrossFit creates a natural competition within yourself as well as with others and that competitions keeps me working out and trying to improve everyday. For me, finding CrossFit was like finding gold!

With CrossFit, there have been major improvements in my life both physically and mentally. I no longer doubt myself and I am now open to trying new things with no thought of whether I will be successful or not. CrossFit has reshaped the way I think about health and fitness. I also enjoy sharing my love for CrossFit with others, for it truly is a lifestyle change for the better.